1. We will execute the necessary work to the beach and the beach promenade for all to enjoy a sea front representative of a first class touristic municipality.
  2. We will continue with the plan to obtain the municipal administration of the canals which should be represented by residents and associations.
  3. In reference to the previous point, we will negotiate with the concessioner of the canals to achieve the creation and consolidation of the touristic itinerary “Milla de los Puentes de Empuriabrava” (see image).
  4. We will develop the Plaza of the Palmeras of the Nautic Club to create a space for the realization of diverse social activities and markets.
  5. We will execute the progressive underground internment of the ordinary garbage and recycling containers.
  6. We will work to dignify the principal entrance to Empuriabrava to create an empathy and harmony with an urban quality which the entrance to our marina deserves.
  7. We will project and initiate the progressive execution by phases of the urbanization of the sidewalks in all of the urbanization.
  8. We will resolve the historic problems of the accumulation of rain water and puddles in the critical locations, wherever necessary, especially in the promenade of Sant Mori and its surroundings.
  9. We will initiate the redaction of the project and the necessary permissions to construct over the next few years a new office of municipal services in the building, “Centro de Servicios” to decentralize the technical services of the city hall such as urbanism, licenses for activities and environmental protection. We wish to bring closer to the citizens of Empuriabrava the obligations of the burocratic procedures and functions which are controlled by this department of the city hall.
  10. We will translate the offices of the municipal services (CENET and Castelló 2000) to the Trabuc zone so that the human resources and materials of these companies are located where the majority of the work they produce is concentrated, optimizing their production.
  11. In reference to the previous point, we will restructure the internal organization and work of the company, Castelló 2000 SA.
  12. We will work, together with the commercial sector for the ordination and esthetic improvement of the commercial terraces and the occupation of public spaces, especially those which are emblematic of Empuriabrava like the Plaza de la Iglesia (Poblado Tipico).
  13. We will create an additional office of the Local Police in the zone of the Delta Muga to improve the security of this area.
  14. We will install security cameras in all of the marina of Empuriabrava to improve the security of the persons and at the same time control that the circulation is secure and orderly.
  15. We will support and actively participate in the urbanization of the Aeroclub zone to potentiate it as zone of commercial and leisure activities.
  16. We will install more locations of pipi-cans for dogs in the most used green zones.
  17. We will construct 10 more children´s parks in the municipality and modernize the existing ones to comply with the codes and give service to all the residents.
  18. We will insist and negotiate so that the new bus station of Empuriabrava, projected by the Generalitiat of Catalunya in the zone of Avenida Fages de Climent next to the street, Muga, becomes a reality in this new legislature.
  19. We will allot from the budget and definitively execute the work of the new waste water conducts projected next to the Punto Limpio of Empuriabrava (Carlit sector), with the objective of preventing the exit of waste water to the street in moments of heavy rain or overcharge of the sewer lines.
  20. We will promote the elimination of the use of plastic bags in the weekly market of Empuriabrava to contribute to the improvement of the general aspect and cleanliness of this activity.


  1. We will create a plan of continuous formation for the professionals of the restaurant and hotel industry.
  2. We will establish an agreement with the Pharmacies of the municipality in the form that there will always be one open in Empuriabrava.
  3. We will complete and fund the use of the Center “Empren” in the zone of Alberes of Empuriabrava for the creation of center for retired persons and a space destined to the activities of local associations.
  4. We will create a conjunction of sports camps during the year (football, basketball…) and also nautical sports to stimulate the practice of sports among our children and young people and contribute to the social cohesion between the collectives while promoting good health practices.


  1. We will increase in 300.000€ the allotment for tourist promotion in Empuriabrava in accordance to the specific economic weight it has in the municipality, potentiating in this way the esthetic improvements to our commercial spaces.
  2. We will hire German, French and English language translators during the months of most tourist affluence to give attention to our neighbors and visitors in matters which they might need and who will be located in the Civic Center of Empuriabrava.
  3. We will freeze municipal taxes and fees during the next 4 years.
  4. We will gradually reduce the subsidy to the Municipal School of Music until it reaches the level of self-financiation.
  5. We will increase the local Police force by two agents a year during the next four years to boost and improve the sensation of security in general and of the hotel and restaurant sector in particular.
  6. We will improve the quality of the existing telephone network to guarantee a fluid and efficient communication for our residents and commercial sectors.